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Regular sightings of pests in your car? There could be a pest infestation and neglecting it might lead to serious problems such as:


- Distraction & safety hazards on the road

- Damage to car interiors

- Unpleasant odour and potential health risks


Fret not, we offer professional car fumigation services to eradicate the infestation to keep you & your family safe on the road.

Purchase our pest fumigation service at an amazing discount when you bundle it with our grooming service. Get ready to revitalize your ride and say goodbye to those annoying pests.

Wait no more, call 6841 3838 or visit our service centres to find out more today!




*Terms & Conditions apply.

- Promotion is applicable to Kah Motor Honda cars only.

- Kah Motor reserves the right to make any changes to the promotion without prior notice.