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Why Choose Our
Pre-Inspection LTA Package?

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Hassle Free

Your vehicle will be prepared for the periodic inspection by our qualified technician before sending to inspection centre. We will go through our checklist to ensure that your vehicle complies with the standard of the inspection centre. Any irregularities will be made good by us.

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Save Time

We will send, queue and collect the vehicle to the Inspection centre on your behalf. No need for you to queue and wait at the inspection centre.

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Guaranteed Pass Vehicle Inspection

We will send your vehicle for re-inspection should your car fail the initial inspection. All re-inspection expenses will be borne by us.

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Additional Charges

Will apply if repairs are required to pass the LTA inspection. These charges will be made known to you prior to work conducted.


$70 (Price includes GST): For all labour, service, maintenance and transportation charge.

Additional Charges:

1) Inspection fee paid to the inspection centre

2) If necessary for repairs done in order to pass the inspection. These charges will be made known to you prior to work conducted.

The inspection letter of notice from LTA.

They are available at all our 3 main Service centres below.

Ubi Service Centre - 370 Ubi Road 3 Singapore 408651
Leng Kee Service Centre - 255 Alexandra Road Singapore 159937
Mandai Service Centre - 6A Mandai Estate Singapore 729903

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