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Turbo Has a New Sixth Sense

Allow your senses to be exhilarated by power, spacious luxury and now, the intuitive protection of Honda Sensing in every new CR-V. Intelligent safety technology that reads every road with cutting-edge precision. It's the sixth sense every other SUV wish it had. 

7seater-sideview-img Honda CR-V
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7-seater-panoramic-sunroof Honda CR-V

Panoramic Roof

Soak in the sunshine on a beautiful day by simply retracting the sunroof.
rear-ventilation-outlet-usb-share Honda CR-V

Rear Ventilation Outlets with USB Port

These outlets ensure that all passengers at the rear enjoy cool comfort.
7-seater-folded-seat Honda CR-V

Folded Seats for Easy Access

The 2nd row seats fold down easily to allow convenient access to the 3rd row.
7-seater-rear-ventilation-3row Honda CR-V

Rear Ventilation Outlets for 3rd Row Passengers

These outlets ensure that all passengers at the rear enjoy cool comfort.
large-boot-space-share Honda CR-V

Large Boot Space

Because of the lower height of the rear cabin, it is easier to store your golf bag, pram and other family essentials.

2021_CR-V_Exterior_-_1086x558px Honda CR-V
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Front_Black_Grille_v1 Honda CR-V

Front Black Grille with Sensing Radar

The sporty front grille gives the CR-V a premium, stylish look.
Bumper Honda CR-V

Front Bumper

Sporty front bumper and stylish grille gives the CR-V a sportier feel.
LED_Headlights Honda CR-V

LED Headlights & Daytime Running Lights

From day to night, the LED headlights and daytime running lights keep the CR-V looking stylish.
Electrically_Retractrable_Door_Mirror_v1 Honda CR-V

Electrically Retractable Door Mirror with Integrated LED Side Turn Indicator

Electrically retractable side door mirrors with Integrated LED Side Turn Indicators provide convenience when parking in tight spots, added safety and visibility for pedestrians and other drivers when changing lanes.
Roof_Rail Honda CR-V

Roof Rail

The roof rails lend a stylish and rugged look to the CR-V. When it combines with the crossbars, it makes your vehicle even more versatile.
sharkfin-antenna-share Honda CR-V

Fin Antenna

The shark fin antenna on the roof of the CR-V gives it an elegant and sporty look.
Smart_Keyless_Entry Honda CR-V

Smart Keyless Entry

Conveniently enter your CR-V with the smart keyless entry system.
Handsfree_Power_Tailgate Honda CR-V

Handsfree Power Tailgate

This feature allows for hands-free access when you want to open or close the tailgate, greatly adding to convenience.
LED_Rear_Combination_Lamp Honda CR-V

LED Rear Combination Lamp & Tailgate Spoiler

These lamps extend into the boot lid, making the dynamic rear fenders prominent.
LED_Fog_Lights Honda CR-V

LED Front Fog Lights

The LED front fog lights encased in angled grilles compliments the polished profile of the CR-V.
Rims Honda CR-V

18" Alloy Wheel

These stylish 18" alloy wheels that are guaranteed to draw attention enhance the cool factor of the CR-V.

2021_CR-V_Exterior_-_1086x558px Honda CR-V

Meteoroid Grey Metallic

Crystal_Black_Pearl_v3 Honda CR-V

Crystal Black Pearl

Ignite_Red_Metallic_v3 Honda CR-V

Ignite Red Metallic

Platinum_White_Pearl_v3 Honda CR-V

Platinium White Pearl


ACC Honda CR-V

Honda Sensing - Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low-Speed Follow (LSF)

Assists in maintaining a set following interval, reducing the need to manually change speed.


Honda Sensing - Collision Mitigation Braking System™ (CMBS™) with Forward Collision Warning (FCW)

Helps to brake when it senses an unavoidable collision with another vehicle in front of you.

Lane_Keeping_Assist Honda CR-V

Honda Sensing - Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)

Adjusts the steering to bring you back to lane centre should you deviate without signalling.

RDM_w_LDW Honda CR-V

Honda Sensing - Road Departure Mitigation System (RDM)

Utilises a small camera that identifies road markers, and alerts you if you're about to deviate from the path, even applying braking pressure to help.

AHA Honda CR-V

Agile Handle Assist

In order to ensure your car stays on course and in your control, this system works by modulating your brake and acceleration input during difficult conditions, like taking a sharp turn or accelerating on a slippery surface.

2021_CR-V_HSA_-_444x300px Honda CR-V

Hill Start Assist

Hill Start Assist (HSA) enables smooth acceleration from a stop while on an incline. 

VSA Honda CR-V

Vehicle Stability Assist™

Vehicle Stability Assist™ helps to stabilise the vehicle by maintaining traction while accelerating during cornering

ABS Honda CR-V

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

An advanced Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) increases vehicle stability and control during deceleration to minimise accidents.

Isofix Honda CR-V


The ISOFIX child seat can be easily connected to all seat anchor points and be attached securely on all sides for optimal stability. 

EPB Honda CR-V

Electric Parking Brake

Electric Parking Brake with Brake Hold function is like the traditional parking brake. Just simpler, much less footwork, and so much more efficient.

Driver_Attention_Monitor Honda CR-V

Driver Attention Monitor

This feature monitors your level of attentiveness while driving. Should you be inattentive, you will be alerted by a warning announcement or beep and vibration on the steering wheel.

Rear_Camera Honda CR-V

Multi-angle Rear View Camera

With this system, you get a composite view of your car's surroundings through wide-angle views on the vehicle's navigation screen.

VTEC-turbo-engine Honda CR-V


Experience racing power from the 1.5L DOHC VTEC® TURBO engine. This engine packs 142 (PS) of power at 5,600 rpm and 243Nm of torque from 2,000 to 5,000 rpm.

Eco_Mode Honda CR-V


ECON Mode function allows you to toggle from high performance to a sustainable, fuel-efficient drive.

lanewatch Honda CR-V

Honda LaneWatch™

This Honda LaneWatch™ System features a camera that is mounted on the passenger mirror to offer you an enhanced view of the roadway on the passenger-side.

Audio_Control-v1 Honda CR-V

Audio Control & Handsfree Telephone Switches

The electrostatic steering switches give you convenience at the tip of your fingertips. Press the +/- buttons to adjust the volume, activate the handsfree telephone system and engage cruise control all from the wheel.

Push-Start-Button Honda CR-V

Smart Entry with One-push Start*

By simply pushing this button, you can start the engine.


audio-v1 Honda CR-V

7" Touchscreen Display Audio

This high-definition touchscreen display audio offers an intuitive interface at your fingertips to let you play your favourite tunes. Compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. 

2021_New_CR-V_Walk_Away_Auto_Lock_v1 Honda CR-V

Walk Away Auto Lock

Enjoy peace of mind when you are preoccupied. The Walk Away Auto Lock feature enables auto-locking once you are 1.5 metres away from your car.

2021_CR-V_-_615x396px Honda CR-V
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1.5L DOHC VTEC Turbo SUV 5-seater
Overall Dimensions mm 4631 (L) x 1855 (W) x 1679 (H)
Wheelbase mm 2660
Wheel Track - Front / Rear mm 1601/1617
Ground Clearance mm 198
Curb Weight kg 1636
Turning Radius at Wheel Centre m 5.5
Boot Space L 170
1.5L DOHC VTEC Turbo SUV 5-seater
Engine Type 1.5L DOHC VTEC® TURBO Direct Fuel-Injected Engine, Water Cooled, 4-Stroke, In Line 4-Cylinder
Fuel Supply System PGM-FI (Direct Injection)
Bore x Stroke mm 73.0 X 89.5
Displacement cc 1498
Compression Ratio 10.3:1
Maximum Power kW(PS)/rpm 142 (193) / 5600
Maximum Torque Nm(kg-m)/rpm 243 (24.8) / 2000-5000
1.5L DOHC VTEC Turbo SUV 5-seater
Hybrid System N.A
1.5L DOHC VTEC Turbo SUV 5-seater
Transmission Type CVT
1.5L DOHC VTEC Turbo SUV 5-seater
Type Rack and Pinion Electric Power-Steering (EPS)
Overall Ratio 12.4:1
Turns Lock to Lock 2.34
1.5L DOHC VTEC Turbo SUV 5-seater
Brake Type - Front / Rear Ventilated Disc / Solid Disc
Parking Brake Type Electric Parking Brake

Specifications may vary from model(s) shown


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