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The Time-Saving Tune-Up for Busy Motorists.

1 hour Priority 690 x 803

Life on the road’s just too busy and you can’t afford the few hours waiting time. Introducing the new ultra-speedy Honda 1 Hour Priority Service.


Book an appointment now! Just call our hotline 6841 3838.


As a courtesy to other express service customers and to avoid any time delay, we request that you be punctual for your appointment.

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    You’re doubly assured

    Two technicians, instead of one, will attend to your car at the same time to cut precious waiting time. They will be twice as thorough to ensure your car's superior performance on the road.

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    A little extra. Priority attention.

    To enjoy priority attention, all you need is to pay a small surcharge on top of your usual servicing package. Its a small price to pay for extra time and convenience.

Check & Note

  • The Honda 1-Hr Priority Service is only available at main service centres(Ubi, Leng Kee and Mandai) and is applicable for the 1,000km, 10,000km, 20,000km, 50,000km, 70,000km service packages.

  • All priority service appointments must be booked in advance and does not include any repair work.

  • Kah Motor will not be held responsible for the authenticity of such parts nor any damage caused by the use of these parts.

  • Should there be any unavoidable delay or additional work required on your vehicle, our service advisors will advise you accordingly of any change in delivery date and time, as well as additional charges if applicable.

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