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Model Monthly Instalment Price Coe Rebate
Accord_Brochure_Image_KV2_-_615_x_396px Price Guide - Honda
Accord Monthly Instalment$ 1,811.22 Price$ 219,999 Coe Rebate$ 104,000
Platinum-White-Pearl-front---615x396px Price Guide - Honda
City 1.5 SV Monthly Instalment$ 1,258.25 Price$ 130,999 Coe Rebate$ 72,000
City 1.5 RS Monthly Instalment$ 1,287.06 Price$ 133,999 Coe Rebate$ 72,000
Morning_Mist_Blue Price Guide - Honda
All-New Civic
All-New Civic Monthly Instalment$ 1,234.92 Price$ 149,999 Coe Rebate$ 72,000
Modern_Steel_Metallic_v4 Price Guide - Honda
CR-V 1.5 Turbo 5-seater Monthly Instalment$ 1,687.73 Price$ 204,999 Coe Rebate$ 104,000
CR-V 1.5 Turbo 7-seater Monthly Instalment$ 1,868.85 Price$ 226,999 Coe Rebate$ 104,000
Opal-White-v3 Price Guide - Honda
All-New HR-V
All-New HR-V 1.5 DX Monthly Instalment$ 1,354.30 Price$ 140,999 Coe Rebate$ 72,000
All-New HR-V 1.5 DX+ Monthly Instalment$ 1,383.11 Price$ 143,999 Coe Rebate$ 72,000
All-New HR-V 1.5 e:HEV Monthly Instalment$ 1,481.91 Price$ 179,999 Coe Rebate$ 104,000
Opal-White_R4 Price Guide - Honda
Jazz 1.5 Base CVT Monthly Instalment$ 1,267.85 Price$ 131,999 Coe Rebate$ 72,000
Jazz 1.5 Home CVT Monthly Instalment$ 1,287.06 Price$ 133,999 Coe Rebate$ 72,000
Jazz 1.5 Luxe Hybrid ECVT Monthly Instalment$ 1,119.66 Price$ 135,999 Coe Rebate$ 72,000
Colours_Premium_Twinkle_Black_Pearl_R1 Price Guide - Honda
Odyssey EX 8-seater Monthly Instalment$ 1,868.85 Price$ 226,999 Coe Rebate$ 104,000
Odyssey EXV 7-seater Monthly Instalment$ 1,951.18 Price$ 236,999 Coe Rebate$ 104,000

Price and information are effective from 23 June to 6 July 2022, 12pm*.

Monthly instalment is based on a maximum of 70% for cars with less than or equal to $20,000 OMV
or 60% for cars with more than $20,000 OMV, at a maximum loan tenure of 7 years.

Visit any Kah Motor showroom or call 6840 6888 for more details.

*Terms & conditions apply.

1. Prices are subject to change without prior notice and prices are inclusive of prevailing GST, registration fee and excludes insurance.
2. Price and package is valid with appointed Finance and/or insurance companies.
3. Price and package is subject to change if unable to participate in the upcoming round of COE bidding exercise on 6 July 2022.
4. Prices are after Vehicular Emissions Scheme (VES) Rebate/Surcharge when applicable.
5. For purchase of off-peak cars, an additional surcharge of $180 (GST inclusive) applies to the car price.
    It comprises of a) number plates b) bolt & nut c) brackets d) seal e) Vicom number plate seals inspection certificate.
6. Kah Motor reserves the right to bid Open Category COEs (Category E) for Category A or B Honda cars as and when necessary.
    For prices and details without COE, please consult our Sales Executives.
7. COE rebate level will be aligned according to the type of package and the COE category bidded for.


*Subject to changes without prior notice and not valid for Rental and Leasing, Private Hire and Tuition Vehicles. While Stocks Last.

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