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The rental charge is based on a minimum rental duration of 24 hours. Late charges for excess hours will apply: Less than or equal to 5 hrs, a 0.5 day charge will apply. More than 5 hrs, a full-day charge will apply.


Driving Licence

The hirer must be above 23 years and less than 70 years old.
The hirer must possess a valid local or international driving licence.
The hirer must possess at least 24 months of driving experience based on a valid driving licence.
Provisional and probation driving licences are not valid for rental or leasing of our Kah Motor car(s).


Insurance (3rd Party Only)

Hirer's maximum liability (excess) will be S$2,180 w/GST; $5,995 w/GST for drivers below 23 yrs or above 70 yrs old &/or less than 2 yrs driving licence for damages whilst in Singapore and $3270; $7,085 w/GST for drivers below 23 yrs or above 70 yrs old &/or less than 2 yrs driving licence for damages whilst in Malaysia. This excess does not include towing charges and customs fees. Excess applies when there is damage/damages to the rented car (physical and mechanical included). Separate towing charges apply and may vary according to location.



All charges are subject to prevailing GST.
The estimated cost of rental and deposit is payable upon collection of the car. A final adjustment will be made upon the return of our Kah Motor car(s).



All Kah Motor cars rented or leased out with a full tank of petrol must be returned with a full tank of petrol. All cars should only be filled with unleaded premium petrol. Petrol charges (inclusive of administrative and service fees) will be charged if the car is returned without a full tank.


Parking charges, fines, ERP charges

The hirer is responsible for all parking charges, fines and ERP charges during the rental or leasing period.


Collection and delivery services

A surcharge of S$54.50 w/GST per trip will be levied for collection or delivery to locations.



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