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Model   Price
Incl. COE
    COE Rebate
  Honda Accord
Honda Accord 2.0 SEDAN i-VTEC - 2016 Facelift Model           $136,999           $43,000  
  Honda City
Honda City 1.5 V SEDAN i-VTEC           $91,999           $43,000  
Honda City 1.5 SV SEDAN i-VTEC           $94,999           $43,000  
  Honda Civic
Honda Civic 1.6 SEDAN i-VTEC - 2016 New Model           $108,999           $43,000  
  Honda CR-V
Honda CR-V 2.4 RVSi SUV 2WD i-VTEC (SR)           $139,999           $43,000  
  Honda HR-V
Honda HR-V 1.5           $108,999           $43,000  
  Honda Jade
Honda Jade 1.5 VTEC TURBO - 2016 New Model           $123,999           $43,000  
  Honda Jazz
Honda Jazz 1.3 HATCHBACK           $87,999           $43,000  
Honda Jazz 1.5 RS HATCHBACK           $91,999           $43,000  
  Honda Legend Sport Hybrid
Honda Legend Sport Hybrid 3.5 SEDAN i-VTEC - 2016 New Model           $343,999           $43,000  
  Honda Mobilio
Honda Mobilio 1.5 RS MPV i-VTEC           $102,999           $43,000  
Honda Mobilio 1.5 RS Luxe MPV i-VTEC           $104,999           $43,000  
  Honda Odyssey
Honda Odyssey 2.4 MPV i-VTEC (EX-S)           $139,999           $43,000  
Honda Odyssey 2.4 MPV i-VTEC (EXV-S)           $148,999           $43,000  
Honda Odyssey 2.4 MPV i-VTEC NAVI RES (EXV-S)           $151,999           $43,000  
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*Terms & conditions apply.
The above prices are inclusive of prevailing GST and comprises of COE and $140 registration fee. All prices exclude costs of car insurance.
Packages and prices are valid with appointed Finance and Insurance company only.
Prices are subject to changes without prior notice.
Prices are after Carbon Emissions-Based Vehicle Scheme (CEVS) rebate/surcharge when applicable.
For purchase of off peak cars, an additional surcharge of $180 (GST inclusive) applies to the car price. It comprises a) number plates b) bolt & nut c) brackets d) seal e) Vicom plate seals inspection certificate.
Kah Motor reserves the right to use Open Category COE (Category E) for car registration on any of the guaranteed package.
Kah Motor reserves the right to bid Open Category COEs (Category E) for Category A or B Honda cars as and when necessary. The COE rebate level will be aligned according to the type of package and the COE category bidded for.
Prices and information are effective from 19 May to 8 June 2016, 12 noon.

Actual equipment may vary from picture(s) shown.
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