The new 10th generation Honda Accord impresses with its good looks, high equipment levels and refined drive.

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This brand new Honda Accord, the Japanese brand's popular large sedan offering, is now in its 10th iteration. However, the Accord hasn't always been the large family sedan that we now know it to be. When it was first launched back in 1976, it was actually offered as a compact hatchback.

However, as with all things, the Accord has grown over time, and now sits atop the ever-popular Civic at the top of the brand's local product lineup (Civic Type R and NSX aside).


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Oh, how its grown...

This new Accord has definitely matured visually. A strong character line strikes across the car from head light to taillight, and it lends the Accord a strong sense of movement and dynamism. It's a handsome car, this one...

Expectedly, the new Accord has also grown in size compared to its predecessor. Significantly, the 55mm longer wheelbase means that the car is notably more spacious than before. Rear passengers enjoy 44mm more legroom, and you can really lounge at the back. The boot, too, has grown from 450 litres to a sizeable 573 litres.


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The cabin also feels premium and quite upmarket. It's not the prettiest cabin in the world, but it stands out with good materials, easy operation and generous space.


Oh, how it shines...

Where the Accord most impresses is when it comes to driving comfort. The suspension is supple, the steering effortless, and the turbocharged 1.5-litre engine provides just enough power to make the daily commute sensibly easy.


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Thankfully, comfort isn't achieved by sacrificing dynamism. With an accurate front end, well-managed body roll and good chassis balance, the Accord tackles corners very well for a car its size.

That said, this car is best left in 'Econ' mode. With the throttle and engine response regulated, the engine revs spend most of its time under 3,000rpm, which is where you want it to be. Work the engine hard and its inherent roughness and noisiness comes to the fore. Better to drive the car with a lighter foot.

Driven lightly, the Accord is commendably refined. Noise insulation is also very good. The Accord is also reasonably efficient. We managed to achieve 13.2km/L, not terribly far off from the on-paper figure of 15.6km/L.


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The Accord also comes equipped with the full suite of Honda Sensing safety and driver assistance systems. Importantly, this provides access to Adpative Cruise Control with Low Speed Follow, and the Lane Keeping Assist System. This is especially useful during highway driving, as the Accord will keep a fixed distance from the car in front, as well as steering accurately to keep within its lane.


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Oh, it matters...

While it may look it, the new Accord is more than just an upsized Civic. It packs a wealth of equipment, and delivers a much more cosseting and comfortable driving experience.

And, that matters. This is a step into luxury. However, this step into luxury comes at a price - $160,999 to be exact.

Here's the big question, though - is this a $160,000 car? It's undeniably well-equipped, which also explains its high OMV, almost $40,000. But, its pricetag pushes it into European car territory (stretch a little and you can seriously consider the Audi A4 or the Volvo S60).


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Still, it's probably worth the money. It may not be as immediately classy or premium as some European models, but with the Accord, you're banking on Honda reliability and efficiency.

It's not a perfect package (the car probably needs more power), but as it is, the new Accord is a refined and well-rounded package that has plenty of appeal.


Credits: sgCarMart. Author: Desmond Chan

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