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Elegance Reimagined

After two decades of providing first-class travel to drivers, families and companies, the new Odyssey raises the bar again. Sporting a beautiful new exterior and exciting upgrades such as Hands-Free Power Tailgate and Honda Sensing - the Odyssey's redefining excellence across the board. 


Interior---Side-View_8-Seater--1408x703px Honda 2021 New Odyssey
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Steering-Wheel Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Tilt & Telescopic Adjustable Leather Trimmed Steering Wheel

The tilt and telescopic adjustable leather-trimmed steering wheel offers more comfortable handling with even greater control.
8way-Powered-Seat-Share Honda 2021 New Odyssey

8-way Powered Driver's Seat

Enjoy body-contoured seating with an 8-way electrically-adjustable seat for the driver.
8-Seater-Seats Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Black Interior with Leather seats

All seats are luxuriously crafted in leather so passengers can enjoy the refined interior in total comfort.
Power-Sliding-Door_Open Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Ultra-Low Floor Platform

The new ultra-low floor platform and rear door steps offer innovative convenience, making it a breeze to enter and exit, and even lets you upload large luggage with ease.
LED-Courtesy-Lights-share Honda 2021 New Odyssey

LED Courtesy Lights on Front Doors

The front doors feature LED courtesy lights to make it easier for passengers to enter and exit.
EXV-Centre-Console-Box Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Centre Console Box

The Odyssey's convenient and sleek storage keeps your belongings securely in place. The shutter slides open easily for easy access.

Exterior---1086x558px Honda 2021 New Odyssey
{[image_url]} Honda 2021 New Odyssey


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Headlights_R1 Honda 2021 New Odyssey

LED Headlights, Tail Lights and Daytime Running Lights

LED headlights, tail lights and daytime running lights provide illumination and enhance safety.
Sequential-Turn-Front-Indicators Honda 2021 New Odyssey

LED Sequential Turn Indicators

The LED sequential turn indicators illuminate sequentially rather than simultaneously, creating a visual effect that is luxurious and stylish.
front-windscreen-share Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Front Windscreen Acoustic Glass

Enjoy an even quieter drive with the front windscreen acoustic glass, which dramatically reduces the transmission of noise from the outside.
Side-Mirror Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Electrically Retractable Door Mirrors with Intergrated LED Side Turn Indicators

Electrically retractable side door mirrors with Integrated LED Side Turn Indicators provide convenience when parking in tight spots, added safety and visibility for pedestrians and other drivers when changing lanes.
Push-Start-Button Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Smart Keyless Entry with One-push Start

Whenever you feel like going for a ride, simply utilise the Smart Entry System with One-push Start.
Power-Sliding-Door Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Dual Power Sliding Door

Enjoy the added convenience of one-touch dual power sliding doors.
Sequential-Turn-Rear-Indicators Honda 2021 New Odyssey

LED Sequential Turn Indicators

The LED sequential turn indicators illuminate sequentially rather than simultaneously, creating a visual effect that is luxurious and stylish.
Alloy-Wheels Honda 2021 New Odyssey

17" Alloy Wheels

17" alloy wheels add a touch of elegance.
Front-Grille Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Bolder, Powerful-Looking Grille

Face the world with a bolder, more powerful-looking grille.

Colours_Premium_Twinkle_Black_Pearl_R1 Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Premium Twinkle Black Pearl

Odyssey_Obsidian_Blue_-_976x499px Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Obsidian Blue Pearl

Odyssey_Platinum_White_Pearl_976x499px Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Platinum White Pearl

Odyssey_Super_Platinum_Metallic_976x499px Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Super Platinum Metallic


ACC Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Honda Sensing - Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Adaptive Cruise Control helps maintain a constant speed by automatically speeding up or slowing down to keep a set following distance behind the car ahead – all without having to keep a foot on the accelerator.

CMBS Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Honda Sensing - Collision Mitigation Braking System™ (CMBS™)

The Collision Mitigation Braking System is designed to detect and alert the driver of a potential collision. It also reduces vehicle speed to minimise impact if a collision becomes unavoidable.

LKAS Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Honda Sensing - Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)

 Lane Keeping Assist System helps to keep the vehicle in the middle of a detected lane, preventing it from accidentally drifting out of its lane.

RDM Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Honda Sensing - Road Departure Mitigation System (RDM)

Road Departure Mitigation alerts the driver when it detects the vehicle may have unintentionally deviated from its lane or is suddenly leaving the roadway altogether. 

Reservation_Lock Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Reservation Lock

Get hassle-free security with the new Reservation Lock that automatically locks doors once they're all shut, so even when your hands are full, get peace of mind that the Odyssey is locked and secure.

6_SRS_Airbags Honda 2021 New Odyssey

6 SRS Airbags

Dual Front i-SRS Airbags and i-SRS Side Airbags in the first row, and Side Curtain Airbags all the way to the third row - give the driver and all passengers optimal protection.

Isofix Honda 2021 New Odyssey


The ISOfix child seat can be easily connected to all seat anchor points and be attached securely on all sides for optimal stability.

rear-view-cam Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Rear-view Camera

The rear-view camera system offers a composite view of the car’s surroundings through wide-angle views on the vehicle’s navigation screen.

VSA Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Vehicle Stability Assist™

The Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA™) system regulates the engine's output and selectively applies the brakes, helping you maintain traction on slippery roads. During cornering, VSA™ helps bring the car back on track when it deviates from its correct path.

HSA Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Hill Start Assist

Hill Start Assist helps drivers to accelerate smoothly from a stop position on an inclined surface.

engine-share Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Earth Dreams™ Engine

Honda’s Earth Dreams™ 2.4-litres DOHC i-VTEC® system is a breakthrough technology that works by improving thermal efficiency and minimising friction. 

econswitch-share Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Eco Assist™ and ECON Mode

Drive more efficiently with Eco Assist™, a feedback system that guides you to use less fuel. For extra help to drive green, simply engage ECON mode.

Paddle_Shifters_R1 Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Paddle Shifters

A paddle-shift system raises the driving fun by providing a spread of ratios to accelerate off-the-line acceleration.

Cruise_Control_R1 Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Cruise Control

The cruise control function lets you maintain a set speed above 40km/h without keeping your foot on the accelerator pedal.

Push_Start_Button Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Smart Keyless Entry with One-push Start

Whenever you feel like going for a ride, simply utilise the Smart Keyless Entry System with One-push Start. 

Display_Audio Honda 2021 New Odyssey

8" Touchscreen Display Audio

The 8-inch touchscreen display audio supports USB and Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and other smartphone apps.

Walk_Away_Auto_Lock Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Walk Away Auto Lock

Enjoy peace of mind when you are preoccupied. The Walk Away Auto Lock feature enables auto-locking once you are 1.5 metres away from your car.

Audio_Control Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Audio Controls

The steering wheel offers convenient control of the Audio Control Switches at your fingertips. Press the +/- buttons to adjust the volume or left and right to navigate through your music choices.

Bluetooth_Handsfree Honda 2021 New Odyssey

Bluetooth® Handsfree Telephone System

Make and receive calls easily with the convenient Bluetooth® Handsfree Telephone System.

New_Odyssey_Loan_Calculator_-_615x396px_R2 Honda 2021 New Odyssey
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2021 New Odyssey EX 8-seater
Overall Dimensions mm 4845 (L) x 1820 (W) x 1712 (H)
Wheelbase mm 2900
Wheel Track - Front / Rear mm 1559 / 1560
Ground Clearance mm 162
Curb Weight kg 1798
Turning Radius at Wheel Centre m 5.4
Boot Space L 322
2021 New Odyssey EX 8-seater
Engine Type 2.4L DOHC i-VTEC® Water Cooled, In-Line 4-Cylinder Engine
Fuel Supply System PGM-FI
Bore x Stroke mm 87.0 X 99.1
Displacement cc 2356
Compression Ratio 10.1:1
Maximum Power kW(PS)/rpm 129 (175) / 6200
Maximum Torque Nm(kg-m)/rpm 225 (22.9) / 4000
2021 New Odyssey EX 8-seater
Hybrid System N.A
Hybrid Battery N.A
2021 New Odyssey EX 8-seater
Transmission Type Earth Dreams™ CVT
2021 New Odyssey EX 8-seater
Type Rack & Pinion, Electric Power Assist
Overall Ratio 13.6
Turns Lock to Lock 2.92
2021 New Odyssey EX 8-seater
Brake Type - Front / Rear Ventilated Disc / Solid Disc
Parking Brake Type Foot Operated

Specifications may vary from model(s) shown


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