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Besides your periodic maintenance, you can choose from any of these services available:
Inflate Your Tyres with Nitrogen
Inflate Your Tyres with Nitrogen
With Nitrogen, your tyres stay inflated longer and last longer with improved tread wear and you get better fuel consumption too.
Leather Seat Moisturizing
Leather Seat Moisturizing
To prevent dryness and cracks, leather seats must be treated regularly with special lotion that gently cleans, moisturizes and conditions the leather, restoring it to its original state, leaving the surface rich and natural looking.
Air Condition Inspection
Air Condition Inspection
With regular checks, the wear and tear of operational parts (if any) can be identified early. And you will be spared from the heat and unnecessary costly repairs.
Tyre Balancing Protects Your Investment
Tyre Balancing Protects Your Investment
Tyre balancing is a key component in tyre wear. By maintaining the tyre balance on your vehicle, you not only get a smoother ride but prolong the lifespan of your tyres in the long run.
Windscreen Replacement
Whether you are claiming insurance or claiming own damages, you can now replace your windscreen at Mandai Service Centre.
Computerised Wheel Alignment Service
Maximise the lifespan of your tyres and have a smoother ride by maintaining good wheel alignment.
Kah-Shine Service
Give your car that showroom shine. Our experienced paint work professionals use only established and reliable materials that will make your car looking good as new! Enjoy greater savings when you opt for both KahShine and Leather Seat Cleaning services.

For more information, please ask your Service Advisor.

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