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A regularly maintained vehicle will perform better and smoother than a vehicle that is serviced irregularly. We have specially designed a Honda Vehicle Service Maintenance Packages using Shell Helix Ultra Synthetic Engine Oil to increase the Service Interval at every 10,000km or 6 months instead of the commonly practice Service Interval at 5,000 km or 3 months.

This extension of Service Interval at every 10,000km provides Honda owners the convenience as it saves them time and money. Based on the average drivers in Singapore, the average annual mileage a vehicle would normally clocked is about 20,000km. Therefore, Service Interval at every 10,000km means Honda owners have to service their vehicle only 2 times a year instead of 4 times a year.

We tailored the list of Service Maintenance items recommended by Honda Motor Co. Ltd. Of Japan to suit our local conditions and needs of Singapore Honda owners with an added benefit like Service Warranty for all replaced parts inclusive of workmanship from the date of last Service Maintenance done.

For new Honda vehicle owner, it is important to note that under the Warranty Terms and Conditions of the vehicle, Periodic Vehicle Maintenance Service must be carried out according to the recommended Maintenance Schedule. Failure to comply with this basic fundamental shall invalid the Warranty Terms and Conditions. Please call any of our Service Centres for further information on our New Honda Vehicle Maintenance Packages.


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